Thursday, July 2, 2015

MTI 562 Final Assessment

For our final MTI assessment, we are to grade one of our projects we created using a rubric.  I chose to use our class project rubric. My students receive my rubrics ahead of time for a few big assignments, so they have them to refer to while they work on their project. I have been referring to our rubric throughout this class, as well.  It really helps me to understand what I needed to have completed. The project I chose to grade was from week #3.  We were to apply a web tool we had previously learned to an assignment we do in class.  I chose to use Wordle with character traits.

I feel I had great understanding of the project and provided evidence by using an additional web tool to better present a complete understanding by my readers.  I kept my explanation of the lesson in a sequential order for my readers to understand how to teach the character trait lesson.  

In the rubrics I give my students, I always add in creativity and effort.  I believe the Completion category is probably referring to effort also in this rubric.  In creativity, I want to see my students add a little more thought in making it their own by using graphics, color, fonts, etc.  With my Wordle project, I felt that I presented my creativity in enhancing my graphic by using Jing and color.  


  1. Good presentation, Julie. I like that you used evidence, metrics, and didn't shy away from rigor. I agree with your assessment.

  2. Julie,
    I also use rubrics for grading. This past year was the first year I had to give grades for library, and I wanted to be careful to grade based on as much concrete evidence as I could. I came up with a general rubric which I enlarged to poster-size, laminated, and displayed in the library so it would be clear to parents and students what students were being graded on. I send home rubrics with each assignment so parents will know where students stand. One area that is included in effort is returning library books. Many of the concepts I teach involve going into the collection and looking for books based on a skill I am teaching. If students don't return their book, and then can't take out another book that week, it limits their participation.
    With the access to technology coming in, I think I am going to need to expand the rubric to include technology.

    1. I did not realize that the library would need a rubric. However, if you are doing more than checking out books, I completely understand. Rubrics also give such guidance to complete a project or concept understanding. Have fun integrating technology into your library time with your students! It will definitely make library time a fun time!

  3. Providing students with a rubric to use a guide for projects can be essential in their understanding the expectations

  4. Ok- I'm having tech difficulties with my keyboard this evening - yikes! I generally provide rubrics as well. Word Clouds are fun for students to create - good luck with your projects next year.